Taking it down a bit further than the last with their fourth sub-unit, SEVENTEEN's SVT Vocal Team released their project "Pinwheel" on October 15.

The 'Vocal Team' highlights the powerful vocals from members Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan. Compared to the last three sub-units, 'Vocal Team' reveals a soft and delicate side to SEVENTEEN. Emphasizing more on emotions and annunciation, the sub-unit is the sub-group that will get you in the feels. (Not to mention, the group isn't seen together at all throughout the music video. Except each member sticks to their own storyline.)

"Pinwheel" is a piano-based track with drums and other percussions not-so present compared to the bass-heavy rhythms from the other three sub-units.

Watch the music video below: