You may not have yet heard of Aussie band Sheppard yet, but that's about to change. The indie band (whose 'Shine My Way' is featured on 'The Giver' soundtrack) just might take the U.S. by storm. Their single 'Geronimo' is about to hit the American airwaves -- and PopCrush has the exclusive video premiere of an acoustic version of the track.

While acoustic sets are known for being more stripped down and chill, we love how much passion the band packs into their powerful performance. The harmonies are killer and totally haunting, and we can't get enough of the beautiful tune's catchy chorus.

Though the acoustic version does not feature the full band, it focuses on members (and siblings!) George, Amy and Emma Sheppard, as well as pal Jay Bovino, who all pour emotion into the acoustic performance. It's no wonder that their voices all blend so harmoniously together -- those superstar familial genes are workin' overtime.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Sheppard's 'Geronimo' acoustic video above.