In October 2015, Justin Bieber became the latest subject (or victim, to quote many of Justin's supporters) of a paparazzo's zoom lens, as the New York Daily News published photos of the pop star's naked frolic in Bora Bora alongside rumored girlfriend Jayde Pierce. The public clamored for a good look at Justin's unclothed body, regardless of their personal feelings on his body of work, which is generally how these things go: People held screening parties for Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape in the pre-YouTube mid '90s, and it wasn't because of their devotion to Baywatch and Mötley Crüe.

The long and storied history of the celebrity nude scandal — and the public's enduring fascination with them all — is a complicated one. We're naturally curious about others' anatomy as human beings, and in our celeb-focused culture, a famous person's form is especially riveting. Celebrity profile, schmelebrity schmo-schmile: Is there any way to feel like you know a star better than to see them naked?

Yes, celebrities are people too and yes, self-leaked sex tapes aside, it's an invasion of privacy. Actors and musicians enter into an unspoken contract when they enter the public sphere of entertainment, but that contract has limitations, and several of the nude scandals in the gallery above have had legal ramifications. It should also be mentioned that female subjects have often been the target of victim-blaming following a leak more often than their male counterparts, as if there's some moral aspect that they should have taken better care with in their ostensibly private life. Yet even with these ambiguities in mind, from Brad Pitt's 1997 in-the-buff vacation photos to 2014's spate of female celebrity phone hacks, one thing remains clear: We like to look.

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