Lip syncing: It happens to the best of us. Whether an artist needs a little extra backup, is having vocal or technical problems, or is simply performing somewhere where recorded vocals are the norm (like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade), even the most talented pop stars have resorted to lip syncing in concert -- and sometimes, they get caught.

From Ashlee Simpson's unforgettable 'SNL' performance to Justin Bieber's accidental lip sync revelation (hey, sometimes a star just has to puke!), we've compiled some seriously cringe-worthy clips of pop stars unintentionally revealing their lip syncing secrets. But the best part of the vid? The fact that each celeb -- no matter how embarrassed he or she might be -- still somehow manages to keep it together and move forward. And that's a seriously admirable trait!

Check out our video of stars caught lip syncing above.

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