A woman on Reddit shared that she believes her stepmom is hiding her inheritance from her late father.

She even alleged that the stepmother "claims he didn't have a will."

In her post, she explained that her dad died from a terminal brain tumor and lived abroad with his wife, Jenny, and the woman's teen sisters.

She said that she and her 27-year-old brother would frequently save money to fly out to see their dad and even had her wedding taped so she could show him when he was unable to travel to it.

"We flew out for his funeral and many times after to see Jenny and our sisters. We'd never got on with Jenny, but his cancer brought us together to realize what was important (or so I thought)," she shared.

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"Jenny was our Stepmom since we were 10 and 8. She'd slag off Mom, and be nasty to Bro. I'd defend Bro, Dad stayed away as hated conflict. I disliked Jenny even when I left home. When she met my now husband but then BF of 6 months she spent 2 hours telling him how awful I was," she continued.

However, despite seemingly coming together after her father's death, the woman was contacted by a company about her father's will even though Jenny claimed there was not one.

"I ask Jenny for a copy and no response. Brother calls me, confused and upset. He'd called Jenny to ask what was going on with the Will/Pension. They spoke nicely for 50 [minutes], but when he asks Jenny flips and screeches: 'Don't you dare try to make a claim, you will ruin this family! I'll have to get a job sooner!'" the woman revealed.

She added that Jenny had seemingly gotten used to not having a job since she stayed home to take care of her dying husband.

"Our sisters are independent, they cook, walk to school and have a key. She could work if she wanted to, and did full time before Dad was ill," she said.

Jenny then sent the siblings messages calling them "greedy."

The stepmom added that, "If we took the money we're stealing, that as 'adult children' it's odd to think we're entitled to anything from Dad."

"Still haven't seen the Will so don't know if we have been left anything. If Jenny had come to us and asked for our inheritance if she was struggling, we would have helped," she went on.

"But all the lying 'there's no Will' and 'You're not in it' and then not showing us the Will makes me want to know what she's hiding. I [found] out that where Dad died, all children are legally entitled to a share of his estate no matter what the Will says," she said.

The woman also noted that she wishes to use the inheritance for herself, her brother, and her sisters and that she promised her father to "look after" everyone as the eldest sibling.

Reddit users agreed that she should claim her inheritance.

"Claim what’s urs ur still his children not matter if he’s dead or alive and the fact that u and bro cared for him right to the end is what gets u into the will so speak with company about the will and get ur share before it’s too late," one person said.

"Your dad wrote his wishes in his will. You should absolutely honor feel free to honor it as written. Sounds like Jenny just wants to be a free loader," someone else said.

"Sounds like Jenny is trying to pull one on you and walk away with everything. Do what you gotta do and don't feel guilty about this," another person agreed.

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