Meet EDM wunderkind Steve James.

Raised on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, the now-Los Angeles based songwriter, producer and DJ knows a thing or two about being the new kid on the block. In 2015, he released his first single, "Renaissance" featuring Clairity, the same year he worked on Justin Bieber's "Purpose." And though his presence in the music industry has been brief, he's wasted no time making waves, also producing for groups like Little Mix and collaborating with Canadian electro-pop princess LIGHTS on 2017's "Warrior," a sweeping, empowering dance anthem.

Now, at the ripe age of 18, he's one of this year's youngest Grammy-nominated producers, up for two awards for his work on the title track off Bieber's Purpose.

Undoubtedly, the precocious rising producer is leading the pack in a new class of young, rising music artists. Seeing how he's a DJ, we asked the musician to fill us in on his favorite fellow emerging artists: the "young blood" of the music industry, so to speak.

Turn up Steve's youth-fueled playlist, below, and be sure to subscribe on Apple Music!

"Warrior" by Steve James, LIGHTS
"This is my latest release, something I'm really proud of. LIGHTS was an amazing vocalist to work with and this song means something special to each of us."

"Too Soon" by Vanic, Maty Noyes
"I've been a massive Vanic fan since his Birdy remix and Maty Noyes is one of my favorite writers/vocalist. These two smashed it."

"Gemini" by HYYDE, RUNN
"HYYDE is a good friend of mine and is making, in my opinion, some of the best music out right now. Gemini is one of the sweetest but most bangin' yet."

"Love Is Alive" by Louis the Child, Elohim
"Loveee LTC but who doesn't? And this new one of theirs is just them doing their thing and I can't stop listening."

"I Miss You" by Grey, Bahari
"Grey has some of the best sonics I've ever heard, and that combined with the emotion in this song is what makes this one of my favorite tracks right now."

"Hard To Love" by Matthew Koma
"I LOVE Matthew Koma. I've had the pleasure of working on lots of music with him this year and his new stuff is so him and so cool. Shout out to LTC for producing this one too!"

"Friend" by FRND
"Friend was a unique song for me because as soon as I heard it I wanted to remix it. Despite doing my own version, the original is an absolute jam and has a drop like nothing else."

"Let You Get Away" by Shaun Frank, Ashe
"Banger. Shaun Frank is a beast and this song might literally jump out of your speakers. And major bonus that Ashe is writing/singing. She's maybe my favorite new vocalist right now."

"Taped Up Heart" by FREAM, Clara Mae
"I just got to work with Clara Mae and she seriously has such a great voice. Lash has some of the coolest remixes out right now as well and this one's no exception."

"What You Need" by Baynk, Nika
"Baynk and I both supported the Matoma tour last fall and seriously he has vibes like no other. Melodies and simplicity at its best."

"In My Head" by Steve James, RKCB (Joe Mason Remix)
"Joe Mason is the homie and this remix he did with me of my single 'In My Head' is hands down a favorite of mine. I didn't think I could like a remix of my own song so much until this one."

"Want You" by Bearson, Cal
"I think Bearson has such great taste in sound design and I'm such a sucker for great electronic production with a vocal that's so good it doesn't need a drop. If you are too, this one is for you."

"Chemistry" by Steve Void, No Mondays
"Steve Void was with us as well on the Matoma tour but I've been jamming to his stuff for a minute. Chemistry has great vibes unlike no other, and hey—Clara Mae again!"

"Hope" by Tim Legend, Brave
"Hope was one of my most played songs of 2016 on Spotify. Tim Legend's stuff has such a cool flow and I really think he'll be making some waves."

"Cant Hide" by Whethan, Ashe
"I love melodies and if you're like me, then this one will be stuck in your head for a while. Whethan and Ashe (again!) combine for one of the smoothest, catchiest, feel good songs you've heard."

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