Taylor Swift might have the world's finest couturiers at her beck and call, but, suffice it to say, the accouterments featured in her most recent music video were a bit more stripped-down.

The 1989 star, whose "Bad Blood" video is already breaking records, pulled upwards of $13,000 worth of apparel at L.A. erotic boutique The Stockroom to complete the shoot's wardrobe, according to the New York Post — and the shopping spree included Selena Gomez's black latex blouse and Swift's flesh-colored latex dress (photo below).


The Stockroom's Director of Operations Shawn Gentry told the Post that while Team Swift had a field day among his business' racks, they passed on swiping up any sex toys or naughty novelties. A shame, because we're willing to bet a few choice items could have served as valuable weaponry in the clip's constant warfare...

The "Bad Blood" video, which has been viewed more than 40 million times on YouTube, finds Swift (or...should we say Catastrophe?) and her badass gal pals going rounds in a boxing ring, racing through underground motorcycle tracks and fiddling with bazookas to prepare for a final battle against the dreaded Gomez (Arsyn). And hey, if the X-Men prefer the likes of latex on the battlefield, why shouldn't these heroes consider sporting the same?

Surprised T. Swift made such a racy choice for her shoot? Share whether you think it was a worthy investment!