Taylor Swift may be 25, but that doesn't mean that she's outgrown Easter egg hunts! In fact, T. Swift still takes them crazy seriously — just check out her latest Instagram vids.

This Easter Sunday, the "Style" singer was in fierce competition with her brother Austin, battling it out like two other (fictional) siblings — Ross and Monica Gellar (yes, we 100% appreciate the Friends reference, T. Swizzle).

"When your parents arrange a competitive sibling Easter egg hunt, failing to take into account that their children are Ross and Monica," Taylor captioned the hilarious Insta vid, which depicts her and Austin literally fighting to find the eggs first. Of course, the second video (which you can check out below), really shows Taylor's competitive nature as she taunts her brother by saying she's found "like a hundred" eggs already. Typical older sister! (And we mean that in the best way possible.)

Of course, if you're not too busy LOLing and relating way too much to Taylor and Austin's Easter egg hunt, prepare to be insanely freaking jealous when you realize that T. Swift also threw her longtime bestie Abigail the best birthday party in all of existence this weekend. It literally included Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional serenading Abigail with her favorite Dashboard tunes (which are also the same as our favorite Dashboard tunes, natch). The jealousy from the PopCrush editors was so freaking real. So freaking real. (Check out the amazing vids over on Instagram while we weep silently to ourselves.)

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