The reports are (probably) true: A freshly bleached Taylor Swift left California's hot and sweaty Coachella to attend her backup singer's wedding, located a mere 1,200 miles away in San Antonio.

Her sacrifice was great, claim various publications, and you're probably clutching this belief close to your heart right now: Taylor Swift is a better friend than the rest of us. But no, she is not.

Do you know why? Never mind the minor detail that Taylor Swift has the means to travel via private jet to San Antonio and back again over the course of a few hours. In truth, Taylor Swift has the means to fund experimental time travel and then keep its success a total secret -- available solely to her -- should she so choose. She has tapped into the vast monetary value of commodifying heartbreak and unrequited love, and for that she cannot be blamed.

Really, most celebrities are rich and often tone deaf, and if Taylor wants to increase her own carbon footprint while simultaneously wreaking havoc on our poor, pathetic planet then so be it. Maybe fellow Coachella-attendee Leonardo DiCaprio had a stern, statistic-filled conversation about the environment with Taylor the following evening. Or maybe he was too busy cavorting with Rihanna to care.

In any case, Taylor's mere attendance is not the glaring wrongdoing here. No, based on this unflattering photo, Taylor Swift committed the cardinal sin of wedding guest etiquette when she showed up at Eliotte Nicole's Texas wedding decked out in white. It's almost as though she chose that moment as a practice run for her own wedding to olive-tree planter Calvin Harris. How dare she?

Have you ever worn white to a wedding that wasn't your own? Do you think you should be entitled to wear whatever you please if you go through the painstaking effort of flying 1,200 miles to be there? Does any of this matter if you're Taylor Swift? Let us know your thoughts on these questions and all other wedding-related content in the comments below.

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