Taylor Swift's hair: blond, bobbed and, if a certain former classmate is to be believed, full of secrets.

Katy Perry, you may have been right all along.

In light of Calvin Harris' recent Twitter eruption, during which he accused his ex-girlfriend of being duplicitous, one of Swift's former classmates has come out swinging against the 1989 singer, too. A FOX 411 writer named Cody Derespina — who went to school with Swift — penned a scathing take-down, during which he chronicled her bullying behavior during theater rehearsals in 2001.

"I was 14 at the time and Swift did not like me in the least (nor I her), but the character she played in a Berks Youth Theater version of Bye, Bye Birdie was in love with the character I played," Derespina wrote. "I was quite good at my role and Swift didn’t seem to enjoy sharing the spotlight."

"We barely if ever talked when we weren’t reading lines that required our interaction and, after one performance, Swift ripped down a series of pictures of me, crumpled them and threw them against a wall," he added.


Yowza. Derespina explained that he understood Swift's cunning to some degree — she was an established talent that felt threatened by a newcomer. Still, his impression of her hasn't waned in the last 15 years.

"...it doesn’t seem as if Swift has changed all that much from her days of ripping down my photos," he wrote. "Only now, she’s become famous for ripping her various ex-boyfriends in songs after their breakups. So don’t feel too bad, Calvin. I’ve been there."

Do you believe Derespina's story? If Tay shows up to the next red carpet with holes cut out of her tank top, guess we'll have our answer.

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