Taylor Swift's latest breakup? Her publicist of seven years.

Swift has been represented by Paula Erickson of Erickson Public Relations, based in Nashville, since 2007. The two have enjoyed quite a fruitful relationship, as Swift has appeared on countless magazine covers and high profile TV shows like 'SNL' and 'Ellen,' among many others, while repped by Erickson.

Billboard reports that Erickson is resigning this month. Sources say that Swift wants to have all of her public relations handled in-house via her management company, which may be the reason for this professional parting of ways.

A seven-year relationship is a long one in the music business and artists are always very loyal to their publicists, since they are ones responsible for developing and fostering the artist in and with the media. Their role is a critical one.

But the music business is also one of change and these things happen.

A PR exec told Billboard that Swift will have her pick of the best publicists working today. Let's be honest – Swift is an A-list client that any firm or publicist would give their eyeteeth to represent and work for.

She's a maaaaaj superstar and a huge "get" and we're sure her team will work diligently to ensure that the right replacement for Erickson is brought onboard to further cultivate and nurture the singer's image and brand.

Swift also recently waxed about why she loves her adopted hometown of Nashville, telling TIME that she chose to base herself in the city because her family is there, her label is there and country music is there.