Ever since she purchased her oceanside mansion in Rhode Island last spring, Taylor Swift has had a rocky relationship with her new neighbors. Let's just say that it's gotten a bit rockier recently, and it's all over the repair of a sea wall situated below her $17 million Watch Hill property.

While she was having tea and FaceTiming with her famous pals Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, a construction crew was digging up the coastline of her Westerly mansion and nearby residents are angry. “She's tearing up the beach and everyone is pissed off about it,” a local tells RadarOnline.com.

It all started when Connecticut newspaper columnist David Collins reported last week seeing a "fleet of big earth movers working on the cliff below Swift's mansion, busily, well, rearranging the rocky coastline... Not only is the Swift contractor plucking and moving around big ocean boulders, but they have added a whole new line of rock sea wall on what had previously been a public beach."

While Collins stated that Swift had "not obtained one single permit from the town for the cliff work," turns out that is not the case. Swift did in fact receive permits back in early November to fix the seawall and lose rocks caused by erosion and most recently, Hurricane Sandy.

After the construction news spread like wildfire, a spokeswoman for the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council stated that the repair work Swift was doing is legal and on private property. "The larger boulders were historically there," states Laura Dwyer. "We have photograph evidence from previous property owners that they were there, but they were covered with sand. When the applicant came in with plans, they were proposing to leave those rocks way out in the water. We were the ones who asked them to get those boulders as close to the seaward side of that concrete wall as possible."

Let's hope that the Westerly residents back off now that CRMC has addressed the issue!