There are plenty of ways to enjoy Taylor Swift, but have you ever wondered what her songs would sound like if they were transformed from anthems fit for sold-out arenas into intimate lullabies fit for the nursery?

Well, award-winning music series Rockabye Baby! definitely has. They've announced that Swift will be the newest arrival in their Lullaby Renditions catalog, according to People, and it's currently available for purchase.

The Lullaby Renditions series hosts an already amazing repertoire of artists, ranging from Blink-182 to the Grateful Dead and from Fleetwood Mac to Radiohead, so Swift will be right at home among this eclectic nursery.

The track list features 12 of Swift's biggest hits, spanning from Fearless' iconic "Love Story" to her more recent singles from 1989 like "Blank Space" and "Bad Blood." And true to the series' theme, all of the songs will be recreated and reimagined using "soothing touches of xylophones, marimbas, wood blocks and bells," People notes.

And if the unconventional instruments aren't enough, the overview blurb from the Rockabye Baby! site is too clever to ignore: "Restless kids keeping you up at night, parents? Just shake it off. If you feel like you're never, ever going to get back to sleep, spin these lush lullaby versions of Taylor Swift's biggest hits. Because a peaceful night never goes out of style."

Lullaby Renditions of Taylor Swift is the second re-imagining of the singer's biggest hits released this year, following Ryan Adams' track-by-track cover album of 1989 which dropped in late September and was inspired by the disintegration of his marriage with Mandy Moore.

Let's let the kids decide if the lullaby versions are as successful as Adams'.

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