Taylor Swift's '1989' is clearly inspired by the decade in which she was born. '80s fashion was over-the-top fun and colorful, with big shoulder pads and even bigger hair, and the music was synthy and poppy and -- sometimes -- delightfully cheesy.

So when YouTuber Thomas Jung decided that 'Shake It Off' was the perfect soundtrack to this 80s aerobics workout video, we knew it made sense without even seeing the video first! Check it out above and see for yourself! Incredibly, the track perfectly syncs up with the workout moves -- it's almost like Taylor got her inspiration specifically from this video. And while she probably didn't (we say probably because you never know) we're crazy impressed.

Taylor, herself, seems pretty impressed too! She took to Twitter to post about the video, saying: "A sneak peak at the official "Shake It Off" choreography for the 1989 World Tour," and then posted the video with it. How hilarious would it be if Taylor incorporated some of these moves into her actual tour?

Yung told TODAY.com: "I guess everyone was wrong when they said Taylor's songs were about her exes. They are clearly about '80s workouts!" Clearly!

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