In the February issue of fashion bible Vogue, the lovely Taylor Swift and her newly chopped bangs adorn the cover. With a snip of the scissors, she's gone for tendrilled gal to sexy rock star in-training. In the Mario Testino-shot spread, Swift channels '70s and '80s rock icon Stevie Nicks with her floppy hats, flowy, goddess-like dresses and airy light makeup. Swift is normally presented in such a girlish, All-American way. She's going for edgy, rebellious rock queen in all the internal shots.

Whether she is strumming a guitar on a golden, crushed velvet couch while offering a seductive stare or using a payphone while wearing layers, Swift is styled from another era and it's such a brand new and ultimately cool look for her.

Our favorite shot is the one of Swift wearing a floppy maroon hat, aviator shades and leaning against guitar and amp cases. She looks so very rock 'n' roll, and it's a fashionably dirty change from her usual Old Hollywood, red-lipped and curly-tressed hallmark.

We also adore the "I'm with the band" shot of Swift with a bunch of players sprawled around her in black and white.

In the feature she talks about growing up an outcast ("I think who you are in school really sticks with you,” she says. “I don’t ever feel like the cool kid at the party, ever. It’s like, Smile and be nice to everybody, because you were not invited to be here") and about no longer caring about it ("I think that happened as soon as I left school, when I was 16, because then all that mattered was music and this dream that I’d had my whole life. It never mattered to me that people in school didn’t think that country music was cool, and they made fun of me for it — though it did matter to me that I was not wearing the clothes that everybody was wearing at that moment. But at some point, I was just like, I like wearing sundresses and cowboy boots.")

The singer did share a little neuroticism about her future, saying that she is fully aware that she wants to be a performer, but she is not without her fears. She said, "But you know what does freak me out? When is the other shoe going to drop? I am so happy right now. So I am always living in fear. This can’t be real, right? This can’t really be my life.”

Oh Taylor, it definitely is your life. You've earned it and you deserve it, thanks to your talent.

She also spoke about album No. 4 and how it's influenced by heartbreak. Could this be Swift's '21' and be the album that truly makes and earmarks her career? Swift said, “There’s just been this earth-shattering, not recent, but absolute crash-and-burn heartbreak and that will turn out to be what the next album is about. The only way that I can feel better about myself — pull myself out of that awful pain of losing someone — is writing songs about it to get some sort of clarity." It surely worked for Adele, so it'll likely do the same for T. Swift.

Swift also shared four crucial things she has learned along the way, relationship-wise and about how to deal with guys. It's a recurring topic in her music, so she had to share her wisdom and experience for the Swifties who love and relate to her music.

The list of things she's learned about relationships:
1. “If someone doesn’t seem to want to get to know me as a person but instead seems to have kind of bought into the whole idea of me and he approves of my Wikipedia page? And falls in love based on zero hours spent with me? That’s maybe something to be aware of. That will fade fast. You can’t be in love with a Google search.”

2. “If a dude is threatened by the fact that I need security, if they make me feel like I am some sort of princessy diva — that’s a bad sign. I don’t have security to make myself look cool, or like I have an entourage. I have security because there’s a file of stalkers who want to take me home and chain me to a pipe in their basement.”

3. “If you need to put me down a lot in order to level the playing field or something? If you are threatened by some part of what I do and want to cut me down to size in order to make it even? That won’t work either.”

4. “Also, I can’t deal with someone who’s obsessed with privacy. People kind of care if there are two famous people dating. But no one cares that much. If you care about privacy to the point where we need to dig a tunnel under this restaurant so that we can leave? I can’t do that.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

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