Taylor Swift is absolutely at the top of her game right now. It’s almost as though her goal set at birth was to break as many records as possible before her 30th birthday. Her latest single, the fantastically self-aware ‘Blank Space,’ spent its sixth week at number one on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart — making ‘Blank Space' her longest stay at number one.

Naturally, we’re wondering what her next single off ‘1989’ will be, and it looks like we might just have an answer. According to Billboard, the head of Taylor’s record label, Scott Borchetta, responded to a fan via Twitter saying he’s leaning toward ‘Style’ as a possible follow-up single. (The tweet has since been removed). Have you ever read anything more beautiful in your life?

We’re huge fans of the ultra-cool, super slick ‘Style,’ and if we're being totally honest, we've all met that boy with the James Dean daydream look in his eye (warning: run far and run fast). Can you imagine that music video!? We're picturing muted colors, late nights, beautiful boys. It's almost too much to handle. We kind of need it to happen immediately.

What do you guys think? Are you stoked on the idea of 'Style' possibly being Taylor's next single? Or were you looking forward to hearing something else on the radio? Let us know what you think!

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