Taylor Swift's posse of female BFFs keeps growing and growing and includes some pretty awesome people. Her latest Type A friend? Oh, just Olympian Gracie Gold.

Swift shared a composite of three selfies of her and Gold hanging out. The pics are adorbs and it looks like Gold, a figure skater who is just 18 and who has nabbed a few medals, is photobombing T. Swizzle in the snaps.

The ladies baked and then they posed. Ah, the life! Swift captioned the pic as follows: "First we baked a bunch of cookies and then we made faces. @graciegold95." Swift is a notorious baker and that's her M.O. for female bonding. Plus, who doesn't like cookies?!

Swift's inner circle consists of Selena Gomez, although there seems to be some distance given Swift's friendship with Lorde, who famously dissed Gomez, and Swift's reported disapproval of Gomez's continued dalliance with Justin Bieber. She's also besties with fellow tall girl, model Karlie Kloss, with whom she roadtripped. Oh, and actress Hailee Steinfeld is a close pal. They baked, too. Oh, she's also close with Emma Stone and Sarah Hyland, too.

Swift's BFFdom is far and wide. The real question is who isn't she BFFs with? She's also bros with fellow songwriter and tourmate Ed Sheeran. Despite the dating rumors, they remain close friends and that's it.

Notice that ever since Swift chopped off her long locks, she has brought back the sideswept bang. She favored straight bangs for a long time but once she ditched the blowouts, she's been allowing her normally curly hair to have some waves.

Super cute pics incoming...