Former MTV reality star and Internet sensation Tila Tequila has been quiet in the digital space for a bit for the past few months. But she made her return with good reason. The controversial yet petite star is pregnant and expecting her first child.

She revealed the news on her Facebook page, posting a photo of her expanding baby bump. She is only 10 weeks pregnant -- just under three months -- but she was bursting with joy and glowing over the news. You can see her tiny baby bump below.

The onetime MTV superstar, now 32 and openly bisexual, was one of the biggest products of the Myspace era. She also made headlines with her two-season MTV series 'A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila.' She was previously engaged to late heiress Casey Johnson.

Tila did not name the father of her child in her Facebook posting but she did write a heartfelt note to her unborn child, which is posted below.

Dear Baby,

I used to write you letters like this all of the time. I have waited so very long for you to come into my life, and I want you to remember that no matter what people out there say about us just know that you are a gift from God. You saved my life sweet baby! That is more than a miracle, and I love you so very much! Daddy loves you very much too! You are so very special, and never ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Always know this ok? You are my everything!

Love Always,