If these boots are made for walking, then these sky-high stilettos are made for exacting choreography while seated on a folding chair.

Tori Kelly, whose debut album, Unbreakable Smile, hits stores on June 23, has just delivered a lyric video for the work's second single—"Should've Been Us"—and it's very much a foot fetishist's dream come true.

The video opens with a shot of a woman's dressed-up tootsies as they step out of a car, saunter up a set of stairs and tour around a downtown club. Soon, the feet and the body they support find a man they seemed to have been seeking, and the 20 toes in question are suddenly entrenched in back-and-forth dance warfare.

"It should've been us/Shoulda been a fire/Shoulda been the perfect storm" Kelly laments before the woman's feet—suddenly bare—glide across a shag carpet and then complete the video's dueling dance on a stretch of hardwood. We definitely know a certain someone who could use an ankle-down Groupon massage in the morning...

"Should've Been Us," which will officially begin radio play on June 2, is sort of a "This is How We Do" with an R&B twist, and might just serve as the perfect soundtrack to your latest bout of heartbreak.

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