Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson made headlines today when she posted a photo on Instagram that showed the entirety of her lower leg fitting into a condom.

It sounds pretty absurd, but let's be real -- some men claim that their penises are way too big to wear condoms, and, according to Zara, she was simply proving that that's not really a probable case for anyone to make, and it's not an excuse not to wear one. She even captioned the photo with: "To all the guys saying 'my d--- is too big for condoms' TAKE A SEAT." The photo currently has over 57,000 likes, with tons of people commenting on how hilarious the image is.

It looks like she wasn't ready for the response from the media, news outlets and fans, though, as she posted on her website (quote via Buzzfeed): "I merely meant it as a funny joke. Since then newspapers have been writing about what a feminist genius I am!"

She then went on to write: "I don't see myself as some kind of holy Mother Mary of feminism. I am very well aware that there are many, many girls out there that are much better than me in so many ways and receive much too little attention."

What do you guys think? Is her photo totally on point, or was it too much? Let us know!