Zayn Malik — former attractive member of One Direction, now full-time attractive single, solo #RealMusic-making troublemaker — is at it again with his Twitter shenanigans, that rascal.

No one thought The Drama could possibly get any worse when he opted to retweet a poll by the always shady @musicnews_shade account, casting a vote in favor of Fifth Harmony over Little Mix, the girl group containing his fiancé-no-longer, Perrie Edwards.

So Nasty So Rude

And yet, the shady Twitter fiend has struck once again this afternoon.

But he's not coming for Perrie: This time, he's after the 1989 World Tour self-professed nightmare dressed as a daydream, Taylor Swift.

With a single retweet, Zayn effectively threw a heaping helping of shade at Swift from the meme-recycling @FemaleTexts account.

"The difference is astounding," the tweet reads, comparing two screenshots of interviews: one of Swift giving her reasoning for not giving her music to Spotify, and the other pulled from Miley Cyrus' recent Marie Claire interview, in which she basically says she doesn't give a f--k if people pay for the music because she's already rilly, rilly rich and is more concerned with her LGBTQ/homeless youth charity, the Happy Hippie Foundation.

"G statement," he wrote in a tweet to follow up his devious action, essentially implying that Taylor is money-hungry, while Miley's super chill just making art for art's sake. Evidently, Zayn is not #TeamTaylor. And perhaps there will be even more #BadBlood spilling soon.

Either way, it's fair to assume the newly solo star will not be the next person we see hitting the catwalk once Taylor Swift yells "PLEASE welcome to the stage..." on her next 1989 Tour date. Ah, well.

Is Zayn being too shady on Twitter? Do you throw shade at people on Twitter? Do you throw shade at PopCrush? If so, what is your Twitter handle, and why do you insist on coming for me because I thought there wasn't going to be any drama this summer?

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