X Factor’ winners Alex & Sierra have stuck to their folky roots in their new video for the first single off of the pop duo's upcoming debut album. While singing an uplifting tune about love, the two switch off between scenes on top of high-rise city buildings and in the middle of flower-filled meadows.

Both the song and video lead up to a crescendoing confession of love, with the pair singing, “You stand there like a scarecrow / I’m begging you to speak / You use to be my solid ground / Now I’m drowning in the sea / And I just want to believe in you and me.”

While they pour out their hearts, the two lovebirds meet on the building rooftop that is suddenly filled with its own waist-high bed of flowers. It’s a sweet end to a touching three-minute love story, and a great follow-up to the nearly perfect lyric video for the same track. (That is also worth a look if you haven’t seen it. There are puppets!)

Check out Alex & Sierra’s ‘Scarecrow’ up above!