Poor Ariana Grande! On Tuesday (March 17), the "Break Free" singer's flight to Houston was met with more than just turbulence.

The above Instagram photo, shot by her pal Alfredo Flores, shows Grande and her pals posing with the cute but terrifying oxygen masks that descended when her plane suffered a drastic drop in altitude. He spills the details in the caption:

"Craziest plane ride. Altitude dropped, oxygen masks came down and the flight attendant starts frantically telling us to fasten the seat belts and put on the masks."

From almost dying while shooting the video for "Love Me Harder" to practically getting decapitated by a Victoria's Secret Angel's wing, she's sure had a major backlog of near-death experiences. Now she'll add our worst nightmares to her list!

Luckily for all present company, Ariana is quite a jokester. "I freaked out for 3 seconds but Ari busted out the jokes quick," Flores recalls. "It was all good. We made it Houston!"

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