Well, this is definitely an Ariana Grande video we never saw coming! A progressive death metal band called Quadraxis recorded a medley of the singer's music and juxtaposed it with videos of her performing. The result is completely unexpected and absolutely awesome.

The video kicks off with Ariana's breakout hit, 'The Way,' before transitioning into her summer smash, 'Problem.' It's hard not to smile as we watch Ariana -- known for her Mariah Carey-esque vocals and girly style -- sing as her soprano voice is replaced with a much deeper, gravelly one. (Editor's note: Skip ahead to the 2:00 mark to see Rihanna rocking out!)

We can't help but notice 'Problem' taking a decidedly darker turn, as Quadraxis vocalist Thomas Hinds' voice adds a menacing -- albeit awesome -- tone to the lyrics as he sings, "One less problem without ya / I got one less, one less problem." Of course, the rapidfire drumming and guitars also add an energy that Ariana's original version just doesn't bring.

Check out Quadraxis covering 'The Way' and 'Problem' in the video above.

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