From Celine Dion's thick French-Canadian warble to Jennifer Lawrence's chill tone, pop darling Ariana Grande has proved her formidable celebrity impression skills time and time again.

Another star Grande can check off her list? The late, great Judy Garland who—during an unfortunately cut for time sketch from the pop star's March 12 episode of Saturday Night Live—is expertly resurrected by the tiny "Be Alright" singer.

In a sketch titled "Cinema Channel," Grande plays Garland as star of a campy 60s sci-fi b-movie aired by a cheesy channel that looks a lot like TCM. In the fictional flick, Grande (who played tribute to real-life 60s sci-fi classic Barbarella in her 2014 "Break Free" video) becomes Garland in all her overly dramatic, overly gracious, daintily-statured glamour, jazz hands and all.

Nailing the icon's warm vibrato and delicate expressions, watch below as Ari-as-Judy sings and sways along to "Get Happy" and "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart":

And, in case you missed it, check out another sketch from Ari's stint on SNL (also cut for time) in which the singer plays an office worker who frustratingly tries to explain what March Madness is to two clueless co-workers:

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