They're Twitter Official! Ariana Grande and the Wanted's Nathan Sykes took to Twitter to confirm that they are indeed an item.

We sort of already knew that, since rumors had swirled for weeks, including a denial from her dad. Plus, they oozed chemistry when performing their duet 'Almost Is Never Enough' on live TV.

It was pretty obvious that these two are in lurve.

Since they are now Twitter official, they'll be Facebook official next.

The duo each issued a tweet thanking fans for caring about the fact that they are together. Too. Cute.

Guess who gets to referee things if/when the couple has spats or quarrels? Yep, Scooter Braun. In addition to babysitting Justin Bieber, Braun manages Grande and he manages the Wanted. Hands = full for Scoots! We have faith that he can handle it, though!

The way that they chose to announce their relationship was sweet and modern!

See their tweets below.