Jelena who? Nariana – that's Ariana Grande and the Wanted's Nathan Sykes* — have become the hottest and cutest couple on the young pop music set.

The relationship has been surrounded by drama, created by her ex, Jai Brooks, which lead to Nariana keeping things on the QT at first. Now, Grande has revealed how things blossomed and how she and Sykes got together and it's due to Justin Bieber. Sort of.

The 'The Way' singer revealed that she began to develop feelings for Sykes when she laid eyes on him back in late winter/early spring.

"I saw him in March on a red carpet, and we locked eyes with each other all night," Grande revealed. Oooh, we just got goosebumps thinking about these two cute and talented kids connecting on that level.

Grande continued, "I thought, he was cute as [heck]. Nothing happened obviously and then, the duet came about." Well, yeah, Nate is adorbs. So is Ari! She did acknowledge that nothing happened, since both were seeing other people.

But then fate intervened.

The two didn't officially meet until they shot the video for that very duet – 'Almost Is Never Enough.' That's when things ignited.

But they came to a head thanks to The Biebs.

"It was a really fun day — he was very sweet and cute," the singer said about the video. "We started talking and then it just went from there. No, actually we didn't really start talking until we met again at Justin Bieber's tour in August."

See, it's all Biebs' fault… indirectly, so!

Slightly off topic, but when Nariana performed the track live, the whole world felt their chemistry. Just sayin'.

This romance recollection does suggest that Grande started crushing on Sykes while she was with Brooks, who has been vocal about the fact that he thinks she did him wrong and that she cheated.

But Grande carefully points out that nothing happened with Sykes right away, other than some longing looks and some chemistry, which they couldn't help. It was like a crush at first sight, one that could not and would not be denied.

*Nathan is wearing a Superdry Orange label V- Neck in the pic above.