Twitter is the new battlefield. Ariana Grande's brother Frankie engaged in a Twitter war with the brothers of Grande's ex, Jai Brooks. What an icky mess, where lots of dirty laundry was aired.

Grande was dating Aussie-born Brooks and they recently split. She has just come forth to confirm her relationship with Nathan Sykes of the Wanted after weeks of rumors. Apparently, that was reason enough for Brooks' bros to start trashing the tiny singer with the massive voice.

Then Beau made fun of Grande's comment about how she was raised, thus leading to her brother Frankie leaping to her defense. The tweet was later deleted, but read as: "I was raised to believe that everyone deserves what they put into life."

Frankie's tweets indicate that it was Jai who ended things with Grande, leaving her heartbroken. Now that she has moved on with quite a catch in Sykes, his brothers are putting some spin on their split, especially since the singer has increased her fame exponentially in the past three months.

Buckle up, Ari! This is the kind of crap that happens when you are young, awesome and famous. At least you have Nathan Sykes getting your back. Not a bad problem to have, girly girl!

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