Ariana Grande told fans back in June that the release of her third studio album, Moonlight, was "forever away" — but the singer's just given her "babes" hope that new music is just around the corner.

Ariana, whose Honeymoon Tour hits Portland, OR tomorrow night (September 4), is teasing something major on Twitter. "Babies i'm so excited for the nearby future," she wrote, "(also embracing and loving the present)... but I'm really effing excited for the near future."

Fans are hoping this means Ariana will finally share "Focus On Me," the rumored lead single off her upcoming album. It could also simply be the announcement of the single's release date — but in the age of surprise albums, that would be a tad anticlimactic. And when will the source of her excitement be revealed?

And there you have it — we can probably expect "Focus On Me" (or to address the song by its ASCAP-registered title, "Focus") in October. But wait a minute Ariana, is this all a big tease? Because there's a lot of people desperate for new Ariana right now.

A tea emoji AND a purple heart? Seems legit.

August 25 marked the one-year anniversary of Ariana's sophomore effort, My Everything, and she celebrated by sharing outtakes from her cover photo session. In true Ari style, the photos were posted to Instagram sideways, because she doesn't have to use the "adjust" rotate function for you or anybody.

What's your highest hope for Ariana's big October move?

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