Ariana Grande totally embraced the playful theme of the 2014 Kids Choice Awards. We love so, so many elements of her look. Let's break them all down.

First, her dress is amazing. Although it may look like just a well-tailored sheath dress, both the cut and the color are different for the singer. She normally sticks in the pastel hues and loves a flouncy skirt. This sleek silhouette is so fabulous and makes her look like the mature, classy star she is!

Next: the hair. Ariana is a major fan of big curls and voluminous waves, but her locks also look amazing when they are pin-straight. The simplicity of her hair complements the sophistication of the dress. LOVE.

However, the highlight of her ensemble is definitely the Nickelodeon-themed Chanel bag Ariana carried. Rugrats! Hey Arnold! Catdog! The purse is amazing and so perfect for the event. Drop the mic, Ariana. You got this.

Check out her full look below -- including a close-up of that incredible bag!

Orange dress on an orange carpet? Ariana makes it work!

Mark Davis, Getty Images

Ahhhh, that hair! So gorge!

Mark Davis, Getty Images

And, of course, the purse.

Mark Davis, Getty Images

Here's another closeup of the quilted Chanel bag.