Ariana Grande just can't get rid of scarily obsessed fan Tim Normandin.

According to TMZ, Tim Normandin — the same fan who notoriously sent Ariana a 42-pound pumpkin and one time showed up at her record label in a Santa suit — was arrested at the singer's show in Connecticut last month. The site claims that the fan was arrested at the venue for criminal trespassing and was fined $5,000.

To refresh your memory, Tim Normandin first made headlines after he refused to stop sending Ari strange gifts. In addition to the pumpkin (it technically weighed 42.5 pounds), he also sent her Yankee candles, animal calendars and a rock from the mountains of New Hampshire.

Things got scarier in December 2014, however, when he showed up at Ariana's record label dressed in a Santa costume — an incident that placed him in a psych hold in a mental facility. He was released after three days.

Aside from this latest incident (and her unfortunate breakup with Big Sean), things have been going well for Miss Ariana Grande. In addition to her crazy successful Honeymoon Tour (which she'll resume in the coming months), she's also going back to her acting roots with Scream Queens. Here's to hoping that the horrors stay on the TV screen, and these stalking incidents are over.

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