Let the BTS global takeover continue.

Just a few months after "LoveHate Thing" rapper Wale shared his love for BTS's Rap Monster (and desire for a collaboration!), "One Call Away" crooner Charlie Puth is now making his A.R.M.Y. allegiance known.

It all happened when BTS uploaded a video of the group's youngest member, 19-year-old Jungkook, covering Puth's 2016 mega-hit "We Don't Talk Anymore" with Selena Gomez. (It's a beautifully sung cover, for real — be sure to listen to his spot-on take on the track below.)

Mr. Puth evidently agreed with the general public's assessment as well, tweeting out the link to the video with a simple (yet sadly misspelled) note: "Love this Jungcook." (What is it with mispronouncing names lately?)

In any case, the cross-cultural love is amazing to see, and yet another example of how the barriers between different musical markets are steadily disappearing. After all, BTS are the ones who keep shattering US chart records.

Here's to a Jungkook-Charlie Puth Watch The Throne-style LP in 2018.

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