Cardi B is ready for her next venture: going under the knife.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper is ready for a little nip and tuck following the promotion for her new music.

On her Instagram Stories Thursday (June 30), Cardi shared she plans to get a tummy tuck.

"This stomach is giving tummy tuck," she said while showing off her outfit to fans.

The rapper underwent a liposuction procedure in 2019.

"Like, it’s not bad, but I just don’t like this extra little skin. I am a little heavier than usual, but I don’t like it, I want to get rid of it," she continued. "I think Wavey like … did me wrong."

Wave, who was born in September 2021, is Cardi's second child with husband Offset. The rappers also share daughter Kulture, 3.

Cardi is currently gearing up to release her second studio album, which is set to come out sometime this year. She released her new single "Hot Sh-t," which features Kanye West and Lil Durk, on July 1 — making it clear in the process that after she gets done with the record's press cycle, she plans to get rid of that “extra little skin.”

"I cannot wait to put out this song and do more things so I can get the f--k out and do my f---ing surgery. I’m over it," she shared. "Me and surgery goes [sic] together bad. We go together real bad."

Cardi has been very candid about the cosmetic work she has had done. She previously opened up about her veneers, liposuction, two breast augmentations and butt injections.

Speaking to Interview magazine in 2021, she revealed cosmetic sugary has boosted her self-esteem after she felt "ugly” and “underdeveloped” for most of her teenage years.

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