Celebrities have glam squads on call. They spend lots of time and money on their outward appearance, whether they're walking the red carpet or showing up for an event. There are plenty of instances during which celebs head out on a Starbucks run or go shopping or meet a pal for lunch without a drop of makeup on their faces.

More often than not, these celebs look stunning in their natural, as-is states. They come across as real and accessible, not to mention human, when they are out and about without full faces of product, letting their skin breathe.

It's also somewhat brave for them to step out into the real world with a bare face, since an occupational hazard is the unforgiving glare of the paparazzi flashbulbs. We know: #CelebProblems. But still. Their images are their moneymakers, and they largely have to be on. So it's refreshing -- literally -- when they turn it off.

See what your fave ladies look like when they're fresh-faced and clean-scrubbed!