Demi Lovato is set to join the cast of 'Glee' this season, pulling double duty with her 'X Factor' schedule. Actress Naya Rivera confirmed that Lovato will play the love interest of her character Santana, who is a lesbian. Now that's what we call a juicy detail.

In an interview at the VMAs, Rivera confirmed that they will sing a song together. Lovato will come in on the Beatles' episode so it will be a Beatles song on which they duet.

Rivera didn't say much else, so that just means you'll have to tune in to Season 5, which premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 on Fox. Things are about to get interesting on the fifth season of the beloved show. Lovato will certainly be a sparkplug on the series and she and Rivera are two gorgeous, dark-haired girls with beautiful voices. It's not a stretch to think they'd be quite a sexy couple.

Rivera also spoke about her controversial new single 'Sorry,' which celebrates being the other woman and disses all her man's exes. She played down the drama and said that she is looking forward to her fans seeing (and hearing) Naya Rivera outside of the Santana character.

We're looking forward to seeing Santana's chemistry with Demi's character, reportedly named Dani. Lovato's arc is only slated to last for a few episodes, so it's bound to bring drama, drama, drama to Santana's life. We cannot wait.