Pop music is full of vocal powerhouses, including Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. Both singers are knowing for slaying songs with their amazing talent -- while also producing radio-friendly hits. We can't stop singing along to their music or daydreaming about singing with them. Who would you rather duet with?

From power ballads to empowering tracks, Demi's recorded it all. However, she always manages to make her music ridiculously catchy. We love that her voice has a slightly raspy quality that comes out on those particularly powerful notes. Demi, if you ever need a duet partner, you know who to call.

Ariana, often compared to Mariah Carey, truly has the voice of an angel. Weightless and melodic, Ariana is one of the most exciting vocal talents to surface in years. Her songs are modern, yet pay well-deserved homage to the divas of the 90s. Although Ariana might be one of the only ladies who can hit some of those high notes, here's hoping we could sing along with her.

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