There's something instantly infectious about FREIA, the globetrotting Romanian singer-songwriter who crafts massive radio-friendly pop with mystical vibes.

With a stage name inspired by Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, sex and war, it'd be almost impossible to imagine the rising artist's music would be anything but wild and free. Coincidentally, that precise combination compounds her big, celebratory new single, "Call My Name."

A feral electronic house-pop anthem featuring energetic tribal drums, bright synths, and a funky, horn-driven jungle-boogie beat drop during the chorus, FREIA's latest is a bold, tropical sonic spell that conjures visions of humid dance floor euphoria.

In the clip, the electro-pop enchantress dances to the beat of her own drum in a surreal, snowy wilderness, where giant burnt matches sprout from the ice, light bulbs hang from trees like honeycombs and vacant queen size beds lay mysteriously atop sprawling glaciers.

"Call my name, call my name loud..." Watch below:

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