As night starts to creep in earlier and Halloween tricks and treats fill our heads (and stomachs!) we can't help but get the urge to dig into our nostalgic past and watch R.L. Stine's scariest 'Goosebumps' episode, 'The Haunted Mask.' You know the one: Based on the book of the same title, 'The Haunted Mask' tells the story of scaredy-cat Carly Beth Caldwell -- and the extreme measures she takes to terrify her friends with one seriously nightmarish mask.

Where is the cast of 'The Haunted Mask' now? Well, 'Goosebumps' fanatics, take a look:

R.L. Stine (Author, Himself)

Netflix / David Livingston, Getty Images

Then: In the '90s, R.L. Stine was the man responsible for scaring us to death with his spooky 'Fear Street' and 'Goosebumps' book series -- but did you know that he was also one of the creators and the head writer of Nick Jr.'s young children's show 'Eureeka's Castle'? (There may have been puppets involved, but there was certainly no Slappy a la 'Night of the Living Dummy.') Stine also appeared as himself at the beginning of every 'Goosebumps' TV episode to introduce the spooky show to viewers.

Now: Stine definitely still gets a kick out of scaring his fans, having created even more young adult horror fiction series, including 'Mostly Ghostly,' 'Rotten School,' 'The Nightmare Room' and multiple incarnations and spin-offs of both 'Goosebumps' and 'Fear Street.' Stine, who has also released four adult novels, currently has a television show, 'R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour' (based off of the movie by the same name) on the Hub Network. Psst: You can follow him on Twitter here.

Kathryn Long (Carly Beth Caldwell)

Netflix / Danze Mode Productions

Then: Kathryn Long portrayed the anxiety-ridden Carly Beth in 'The Haunted Mask,' so determined to scare others for once that she wound up with an evil Halloween mask -- that she couldn't take off. Long went on to play Carly Beth in 'The Haunted Mask II' and even starred in an episode of our other favorite '90s horror show, 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' She soon went on to have a recurring role in the television series 'Wind at My Back,' but seemingly retired from acting in 2002.

Now: Long went on to take her talents elsewhere, graduating from York University's Bachelor of Fine Arts Dance program. According to Danze Mode Productions, where Long is a ballet instructor, she has toured as a ballerina both with Colorado Ballet Company and the American Ballet Theater, later founding -- and becoming the artistic director -- for the Vancouver Junior Professional Division ballet training institute. In 2009, VJPD was the subject of a documentary, which you can watch here.

Kathryn Short (Sabrina Mason)


Then: Kathryn Short played Carly Beth's bestie Sabrina Mason in both 'The Haunted Mask' and 'The Haunted Mask II.' Can we just pause for a second to mull over the fact that the stars of 'The Haunted Mask' were named Kathryn Long and Kathryn Short? Too funny.

Now: Short practically became the face of the 'Goosebumps' TV show by starring in yet another ep -- 'The Night in Terror Tower.' After her 'Goosebumps' reign, Short left her acting days behind, and, unfortunately for us, has virtually no online presence. Boo.

Colin Fox (Shopkeeper)

Netflix / Hulu

Then: Before playing the creepy shopkeeper (and creator of Halloween-masks-gone-seriously-wrong) in both 'The Haunted Mask' and 'The Haunted Mask II,' veteran actor Colin Fox boasted a wealth of credits to his name, including memorable voice roles on 'Rupert' (as the Professor), 'The Legend of Zelda' (as King Harkinian) and 'The Care Bears in Wonderland' (as the Wizard). He also portrayed Wolfgang Nedermeyer in the fan favorite 'Phantom of the Megaplex' and even appeared in an episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?'

Now: Fox has continued his acting career throughout the decades, scoring recurrent roles on 'Atomic Betty' and 'Henry's World.' Fox's most recent television credits include parts on 'The Dead Zone,' 'One Week' and, in 2010, 'Unnatural History.'

Amos Crawley (Chuck Greene)

Netflix / IMDB

Then: Amos Crawley played the role of designated Carly Beth-scarer Chuck Greene in both 'The Haunted Mask' and 'The Haunted Mask II.' And here's some awesome '90s trivia for you: Crawley also voiced worry-wart Arnold for a time on 'The Magic School Bus.'

Now: Crawley has been acting steadily since his time on 'Goosebumps,' with roles in 'Billy Madison,' 'The Virgin Suicides' and a steady voiceover gig on 'Beyblade.' According to IMDB, Crawley currently lends his voice to the young Canadian children's cartoon 'Trucktown' and is in post-production on 'Meza.'

George Kinamis (Steve Boswell)


Then: George Kinamis (apparently credited as George Davis) portrayed troublemaker Steve, Chuck's sidekick and co-Carly Beth prankster in 'The Haunted Mask.'

Now: While 'The Haunted Mask II' centered around the character of Steve and his own experience with a creepy Halloween mask, Kinamis did not reprise his role (John White played Steve instead). Like his co-star Kathryn Short, Kinamis stopped acting after 'Goosebumps' and also does not appear to have any online presence whatsoever.