If you were hoping to get some details on Gwen Stefani’s shocking split from her husband Gavin Rossdale (one of the many celebrity couples claimed by 2015), you’ll probably get them on her next album.

The No Doubt singer hasn’t released a solo album since 2006’s The Sweet Escape, and there’s still no word as to when a follow-up will be out. But in a new interview with Yahoo! Stefani promises she’s been working on it, and she’s using her personal life for lyrical inspiration.

She said, "My songs are really about my life, for the most part, so they capture time periods. Singing them again, after you’ve gone through life and come back, it’s so intense… I just write about my life. Really, you can’t come across any human being that doesn’t have like crazy stuff going on the entire time.”

She says she now takes "15 minutes to write down what I’m feeling; it’s so weird that moments like that can turn into songs later on, even unexpectedly...I’m in a real spiritual phase in my life, so it’s all about listening and being grateful and being in the moment, kind of being open to channeling and being guided. So when you’re in that place, anything can happen. And it has, in so many magical ways."

Stefani credits fellow The Voice coach and "Spark The Fire" collaborator Pharrell with being part of that change. She said, “I feel like I’ve always been spiritual, but in the last two or three years, different people have come to me in my life. And I think one of those people would be Pharrell. I think that’s what we do in life: People remind you, on your journey. Things happen and you’re like, ‘Whoa, okay. I’m going here now, because I need to.’ And when you need to, it’s almost like a gift when hard things happen, because you find this energy that sometimes gets lost in the clutter of life.”

She emphasizes that while she is working on new music, she's not ready to release it just yet: "I want to share [it], but at the same time, it’s really for me… I’m not in a rush for it. I’m just in the moment of being there. I just feel like I’m in this place of just trying to be honest and grateful and listening. And just trying to, I don’t know, be a good person.”

You can check out a video of the full interview above.

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