In the scope of releasing songs, Gwen Stefani has always been the type to look before she leaps, but through the premiere of her newest ballad, "Used To Love You," she decided to finally throw caution to the wind and jump.

In an interview with PEOPLE Thursday night (October 29), Stefani said the track—likely about her divorce from Gavin Rossdale—marks the first time she's shared something emotional while still experiencing it.

"I've never put music out in real time where I'm really going through stuff," she said. "I only wrote that song a few weeks ago."

Stefani added she's sure its message rings clearly (though she won't confirm its exact subject), and is surprised when reporters or fans still dig for additional context.

"It's funny when people try to go deeper into a song that's already, like so spilling my guts," she noted. "What else can I say?"

And while video—which finds her drearily mourning the loss of a relationship straight to camera—speaks to loneliness, she said she's found a sense of solidarity with fans, who have embraced her latest.

"That feels good to me. It's like comfort," she said. "And I love doing music and having that. It's like I'm giving you something and then you're giving me something.

Are you surprised "Used To Love You" was such a big step for Gwen? Tell us if you're loving its sound.

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