Celebrity couples broke up left and right this year, but don't assume Cupid's bow is broken just yet: American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson is dating veteran actress Holland Taylor, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The Two and a Half Men star, who also appeared in Showtime's defunct lesbian-focused drama The L Word, recently told a WNYC's Death, Sex & Money podcast that most of her relationships have been with women, and she's dating a special woman right now. Taylor said this bit of info wasn't a formal coming-out since, quote, "I live out," but there was something about her new love that gave her pause.

"There's a very big age difference between us which I'm sure shocks a lot of people, and it startles me," she told WNYC. "But you know, it's not a statement original to me — I've heard it as a joke once in my past, but as they say, 'If she dies, she dies.'" Ha...ha?

ET's source tells the program that Taylor's new girlfriend is Sarah Paulson, and they've been together just "a few months." Paulson dated Tony-winning actress Cherry Jones, who is 18 years her senior, for nearly five years. They broke up in 2009.

While this May-December romance may raise some judgmental eyebrows, it's certainly nothing new in Hollywood — it just seems to be less controversial when a man's the older suitor, for some reason. The two have not officially confirmed the relationship, though their Twitter feeds full of each other's retweets basically have. Here's to loving love!

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