Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora have announced that they are currently shooting a music video for Azalea's next single, 'Black Widow,' which is off her 'The New Classic' album.

NME reports that 'Black Widow' is expected to be released to radio later this summer with a music video coming soon.

"We're gonna have a very crazy music video, with a lot of other people that you guys may know, playing different characters. I'm really excited about it," she said regarding the 'Black Widow' video.

Both Azalea and Ora appeared together on stage at the Wireless Festival in England yesterday.

'Black Widow' is being produced by Stargate and the chorus was reportedly written by Katy Perry.

Even though 'Black Widow' won't be released until later in the summer, Azalea has plenty to keep her busy. She's currently riding high with two of the top tracks of the summer, 'Fancy' and 'Problem.' On 'Fancy,' Azalea collaborates with Charli XCX while Azalea is the featured guest on Ariana Grande's 'Problem.'