Pennywise the Dancing Clown is pissed. Guess why! Because Joe Jonas is officially scarier. And that's nuts, because Pennywise totally used to kill kids in sewers.

This weekend, while trick-or-treaters toured around cul-de-sacs racking up Kit Kats, Jonas and his band DNCE decided to paint their faces as if they were Barnum and Bailey hopefuls intent on finding a spot beneath the big top and disgracing their families. They did this convincingly! And they also did this while performing Adele's hit, "Hello."

In the clip above, and over a very simple guitar arrangement, Bozo-the-Jonas takes on the soul-pop track like someone who probably eats circus peanuts in earnest. He sounds pretty good, in theory, but his giant tartan robe and saggy bow tie are too distracting to say for sure. Plus, every temp Sephora cashier is likely fainting at the sight of that lipline. What an unmitigated disaster!

Oh, and if you were like: I wonder if DNCE's keyboardist is dressed like a jester who tells jokes in hell, he totally is! DNCE shows are real scary.

DNCE's kicking off their very first tour today in San Francisco. It'll wind through the West Coast and head down south before wrapping up in Chicago on November 20. Maybe they'll dress up like clowns again but here's hoping they don't.

Check out the performance, and tell us what you think of DNCE's "Hello" adaptation!

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