Jonah Hill lost his damn mind in the funniest sketch of his hosting stint on 'SNL' (Jan. 25).

In the bit, he was invited to dinner at his boss Mr. Banks' home. Mr. Banks says to think of him not as a boss but as a rich friend who can fire him! Talk about his pressure. Hill tries to make a good impression, but can't get anything right, especially details of basic dinner small talk and conversation.

He tells Mrs. Banks her Cobb salad is handsome, but is corrected and is told that it's actually a Waldorf salad. That sends him on a downward spiral. He excuses himself to the bathroom and screams at himself, "YOU'RE BLOWING IT! COBB SALAD? IT'S A FREAKING WALDORF, YOU IDIOT!"

Of course the dinner party can hear every word.

When he returns, he mixes up the French presidents and freaks out again in the bathroom, saying he is garbage, has infant penis syndrome and has no chance of banging his fellow dinner guest, who is Kenan Thompson's girlfriend.

Hilarious! We're used to Hill characters being obnoxious. But to see one who is downright crazy was brilliant.

PS: It turns out that it was a Cobb salad after all.