There's really no disputing that Kanye West is a musical genius. He consistently sets and then raises the bar for hip-hop, whether it's catchy hip-pop like 'Gold Digger' or the more experimental artistry of his latest work 'Yeezus.' He also has an eye for fashion and his APC clothing line certainly turns heads. For better or worse, he gets people talking.

We want to see what he does next, but it's not always for the right reasons.

It's all of Kanye's ranting about these particular exploits and pursuits that make him such a polarizing figure, however.

Like when he name-drops Hedi Slimane, the creative force behind Saint Laurent, and says it was he came up with the idea for leather sweats first but no one would listen to him. That's when he becomes intolerable and tough to listen to and get behind. The Rx is simple: If he thought about leather sweats, then he should have just made some leather sweats without claiming originality first.

Kanye certainly makes it seem as though he is put upon, and he always has a unique set of #KanyeWestProblems. Here are some of our favs.


One of Kanye's biggest --and perhaps most pervasive -- issues is his lack of humor. We're surprised he hasn't sued Jay Pharoah, Lorne Michaels and the writers of 'Saturday Night Live' for the brilliant 'Waking Up With Kimye' skit. The sketch is so funny since it hits on what makes Yeezy an easy target. 'Ye is constantly saying that his baby mama Kim Kardashian is benchmark for high fashion who deserves a Vogue cover, but she designs a line of clothes sold at Sears, which is not exactly luxe. While Kim is lovely and sweet, she is still just a reality TV star who is really good at self-promotion. There is a world of difference between that and the crafts of acting, music and fashion design, something Lady Gaga spoke about on Howard Stern's radio show.


Yeezy is prone to going on long rants and spiels during his live shows, complaining about things like Bruno Mars winning Grammys and about how he is constantly battling the world, all to people who worked their regular, mundane job and then spent a little portion of their salary on a ticket to be entertained. We all feel like we're facing off against the world sometimes, so that issue is not unique to Yeezy. But the fact that he's talented, he's rich, he's respected, and that he has a beautiful family make it really hard to be sympathetic.

Check out his rant below where he goes off about not being nominated for Best Album Grammy. "I just had to get a couple things off my chest." Oh... #KanyWestProblems.


Remember when he took to Twitter to assault Jimmy Kimmel for daring to make fun of him on his late night show? We grabbed a tub of popcorn and a large Dr. Pepper to watch that unfold, and even Kimmel himself seemed to enjoy the ensuing drama. West went on the offense, all the while being overly defensive. He then went on the show to confront Kimmel face to face and what could have been an informed discussion and comedy gold…wasn't. Instead, West claimed he and Kardashian are victims of classism. Really?

That's a true #KanyeWestProblem because Kimye and their daughter North and whatever future children they have will never, ever want for anything, given their fortune. So for him to complain that they are victims of classism because Kim doesn't warrant a Vogue cover is downright laughable.

Reality TV is junk culture. Granted, we as a society consume it, every last drop. But there is no denying that it's not high brow. It's not Vogue-worthy. If he thinks Kim is worthy of the Vogue recognition, well, then she needs to get out there and do something groundbreaking to get it, instead of her man whining about victimization; that's why the 'SNL' sketch is brilliant. It positions Kanye as the puppet master, trying to make Kim something she's not. She's a very pretty reality star who knows how to market herself, and who got famous because of a sex tape. That's not enough to win Anna Wintour's stamp of approval.

It's true that a rich person can also be socially oppressed and a victim of class disparity and not receive respect; one needn't do much more than read a copy of 'The Great Gatsby' to get a crash course in classism. But is a Vogue cover really proof of that victimization for Kimye? We think not.

It reminds us of that argument that it's better to be feared than loved. For 'Ye, it's better to be respected than rich.

Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images


When someone is a genius, it is other people who assign that tag to them, as music critics often have for Kanye, deservedly so. However, when he is constantly telling us about his genius, it's harder to believe, since we're looking for evidence of such. Genius in fashion and art don't come overnight, and that's a newer world that Kanye is breaking into. We think that if given the proper amount of time, West could certainly obtain legendary status in those fields, but he has to produce a body of work in order to earn it. With some of his rants, he comes off as very legend-in-his-own mind and wanting the title without working for it.

Kanye is inarguably a well-dressed man with impeccable taste. There is no reason his innate sense of style and appreciation for fashion can't carry over into his own fashion labels and lines. But he's got to prove it season after season.

Continually calling himself a genius is a bit grating. When he invents that which supplants Twitter, then we might rethink the status. But for now, Yeezy needs to let things play out and do instead of say and make after he thinks. Then he will have fewer #KanyeWestProblems.

So Kanye, stop complaining.

And chill.


And yes... we're dead serious.