Katy Perry is pregnant and she revealed how she kept it a secret for six months.

The 35-year-old singer, who confirmed she was expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom on Wednesday (March 4) in her new "Never Worn White" music video, took to Twitter following the announcement to share details about her pregnancy, including how she hid her growing baby bump from the world for so long.

"omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore," Perry tweeted before adding, "or carry around a big purse lol."

She told fans on her Instagram Live that she and the actor are "excited" about the baby, admitting, "It’s probably the longest secret I’ve ever had to keep. I thought I would tell you guys in the best way through a piece of music.”

"I had to reveal it at some point. It’s getting pretty obvious," Perry added.

Then, in a new interview with SiriusXM's Mikey Piff, the pop star was asked if her pregnancy was planned.

"Well, it wasn't on accident," Perry explained on the radio show. "I'm so grateful for everything that I have been able to do and achieve and all the goals that I've been kind of able to check off my list and dreams and the life I've lived thus far, and I think I've just been trying to create this space in my own life where I'm not running myself too ragged and like, you know, creating space for something new to happen like this. And I think we were both looking forward to this new interval of life and sharing this, so, that's kind of how it happens, you know?"

Bloom has a 9-year-old son, Flynn, with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

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