The phoenix rising from the ash has nothing on Kelly Clarkson rising from doctor-mandated vocal rest.

Clarkson, who delivered her first live vocal yesterday (June 20) since canceling the tail-end of a 2015 tour due to vocal strain, has shared a brand new cover of Foreigner's 1984 hit "I Want to Know What Love Is," the second in a series that will roll out through Thursday.

The Facebook Live cover is striking and emotional, but the video's real raw quality comes afterward, when a fan asks in a subsequent Q&A segment how Kelly might address the LGBT community in light of the attack on Orlando's gay nightclub Pulse which left 49 dead.

"There's not anything you can's the worst thing ever," Kelly says in the clip above before tearing up and lamenting her own inarticulate nature. "It was such a horrifying thing that happened...the only thing we can do is love out of such a hateful situation."

"Life is so short, guys," she concludes before crying again.

Clarkson will share four live acoustic performances this week that will collectively hint at a huge new development in her career that she'll unveil on Friday. The first was a cover of Otis Redding's 1962 hit "These Arms of Mine," which Clarkson made a point to say had been featured on the 1987 Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

"I’m excited to sing again,” the Piece By Piece singer said after her stunt's introduction. “Months ago I sounded like crap…[but] this is the coolest announcement for me as an artist."

Watch the new performance above, tell us if you've got any guesses about the announcement and check back later this week for more.

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