You didn't think Kendall Jenner would steal all the Kardashian-related headlines by hanging out with Harry Styles, now did you? Her lil sis Kylie Jenner is grabbing a few of her own.

Kylie and Lil Za have been hanging out, at Justin Bieber's weed-filled house, since that is where Za crashes out. The reason this is problematic? Jenner is 16 and Za is 20. He was also charged with three felonies in conjunction with The Biebs' post-Egg Gate house raid.

Mama Kris Jenner, are you paying attention?

A pic sees Kylie and Za in the kitchen of The Biebs' abode, courtesy of TMZ.

Za posted other pics of him and Kylie, and Kylie and some gal pals on his Instagram.

We don't know if their relationship is platonic or romantic, but whatever the case, there are problematic elements. As we said, she's underage and he has drug charges pending. He also broke a cell phone in jail and is often in trouble.

So maybe KyZa might want to refrain from being so public with postings. We're thinking that Kris, the Kardashian matriarch, will be shaking her finger at her youngest baby girl. She's courting trouble.

Kylie and Za.