Maya Rudolph’s Beyonce impression will probably go down in Saturday Night Live history as one of her best, but her version of the black-identifying white woman, Rachel Dolezal, comes in at a close second.

During a recent visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers, Rudolph admitted that fans constantly approach her to talk about what a missed opportunity it is that she’s no longer on SNL — especially in light of what could’ve been, Dolezal-wise. Thankfully, Rudolph decided Late Night was the perfect setting to give the people what they want, as she launched into a Dolezal impression, complete with an ill-fitting wig and bewildered expression that perfectly recalls that awkward interview clip of Dolezal that shows her unsuccessfully dodging direct questions like, “Are you African-American” and “Are your parents white?”

If you’re not up to date on current events, have no ties to social media and live in a cave, prepare to have your mind blown (unless you’re one of those weird Tumblr sympathizers who believes transracial is an actual thing someone can be): Rachel Dolezal came under fire for essentially masquerading as a black woman for the past few years, going on to become the head of Spokane’s NAACP chapter.

Once her cover was blown by her two white parents, she stepped down and went on a media tour where she continued to demonstrate the absolute pinnacle of white privilege by identifying publicly as black, even though she is white. It’s worse than every white savior narrative you’ve ever witnessed, because it’s real life delusion from a woman who refuses to recognize how inherently twisted it all is. At least Rudolph’s impersonation adds some much-needed levity to an otherwise bizarre situation.

Check out Maya Rudolph’s impression of Rachel Dolezal in the video above.

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