Despite the crazy, nonstop headlines revolving around the fight between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, the 37-year-old actor just does not seem to care!

In the video, the 'Lord of the Rings' star shows off his best, um... dad moves (sorry, Orlando) to Pharrell's upbeat hit 'Happy.' He jumps around around on his own, pauses for a photo with a fellow groover, dances with a few random girls and even urges his own girlfriend up onto the stage with him. She's understandably a little hesitant to join. Did she know the funny dance would be recorded and shared for all of the internet to see?

It's nice to know that despite Justin's attempts to mock the actor, Orlando isn't letting it affect his good time. He's still enjoying his vacation in Ibiza, Spain with the rest of Hollywood. (Seriously, did they all plan to be there at the same time?)

Watch Orlando get down in the hilarious video above!